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Product Name: (s)-(-)-2-Acetoxypropionyl chloride

CAS number: 36394-75-9


General Information
CAS Number 36394-75-9
Linear Formula CH3CH(O2CCH3)COCl
Molecular Weight 150.56
Beilstein Registry Number 1722943
MDL Number MFCD00145252
Pub Chem Substance ID 24868317
Description Clear, Colorless liquid with a characteristic odor
Identification by GC The retention time major peak in the chromatogram of sample corresponds to that in standard as obtained in purity test by Gas chromatography
Miscibility Miscible with Methylene chloride
Specific Rotation -29.00 to -37.00
Loss on Drying Nil
Purity by GC NLT 98.00%