Pliot Plant

  • Pilot Plant comprises of All Glass Assemblies of various capacity like 20 lts, 50lts and 100 lts .
  • Total Installed capacity is 240lts .
  • This Plant can handle high and low temperature reactions i.e., -15 degrees to 260 degrees and high vacuum distillation

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Filling/Packing Stations

Quality Control

  • The analytical department is equipped with sophisticated equipments and  is manned by a team of dedicated analytical chemists
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Packing, Storage & Godown

The interdisciplinary field of materials science, also commonly known as materials science and engineering, involves the discovery and design of new materials, with an emphasis on solids.

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Manufacturing Unit

Production block consists of

17 reactors such as glass reactors, steel reactors, PP FRP reactor etc., which can do reactions from temperature of -15 degrees to 180 degrees.


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Custom Synthesis

  • Dynarx has a well equipped R&D facility for development and commercialization. R&D department is guided by Scientists with Ph.D degree and staff comprises of people with Masters degrees.
  • The average experience in R&D is 10 years. Our R&D team can develop complex process technologies and commercialize them.
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Admin & HR

The unit also houses a Admin and a HR facility.

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